Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wear something BLUE May 27th !!

"BIG BLUE MARCH" Let's march with blue t-shirts, so the voice of whales can be heard all around the world.

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting will be held on May 28th in Anchorage, Alaska. In this meeting, representatives from all around the world decide the fate of whales, the whaling permits, etc. As usual, every year, the only ones who aren't represented in the meeting, are the whales.

This year we intend to change this. It's our objective that the voices of whales are heard in Alaska, where the meeting will take place this year, and all over the world.

For that we will create a GLOBAL GATHERING, the BIG BLUE MARCH by joining together around the world to form a sea of people (wearing a blue shirt or dress of some kind) gatherirng to support whale protection. The event will be held on 27th May 2007 all over the world. Each event can be what ever you choose. Some groups are holding a mass march down a major street. Others are holding a family fun day event at a park or sports venue with guest speakers, food and entertainment, music and VIP's and some are holding gatherings from their homes with family and friends.

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